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I first have to include a picture of this Song Sparrow that camped out in the platform feeder most of 12/28/17, the day a lot of my training data came from. Pretty good strategy for a windy day with a high of 10F - the feeder itself probably acted as a windbreak and the food couldn't have been closer!

Other birds tried this strategy too, although none for so long a duration as the Song Sparrow. :) I wouldn't have thought a junco could successfully scare off a nuthatch, but here you have it! Unfortunately this and my other favorite pictures tend to have poor detection rates - something unusual was going on that was not too representative of the training data!

To my amazement, one of the detectors actually did pick up on the House Sparrow in flight in this "action shot"! Based on the rectangle's dimensions I suspect this detector found the bird for all the wrong reasons but oh well, I'll take a correct detection of a bird taking up like 20% of the image!

Birds sometimes ended up on the windowsill. I usually see it with House Sparrows but had fun seeing the back of a White-Breasted Nuthatch's head!

Another nuthatch caught doing funny things. Boing!

It was fun to see what part of the foreground HS was labeled in this picture. I guess that piece of a wing actually does sort of resemble a lot of the side-view detector's training data!

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